From the moment you first hold your new-born baby in your arms, you know you want to protect them and give them the best in life. In the early days, this means feeding, warmth, cuddles, contact, and a calm voice. When they start to grasp objects in their hands, we need to ensure toys are safe and hygienic. But also that they are comfortable and rested, and their needs are met. When they become toddlers, they need more stimulation, spaces to explore, and opportunities to learn!

What do we do? Some will rush out and buy a plethora of the latest toys. Others will borrow what they can or encourage children to play and learn using the things around them. More important than the tangible objects we give them, they need love, support and stimulation. Besides that, they also crave an environment to grow, learn and be themselves.

Imagine Planting a Tree in Your Child’s Bedroom….

One way you could do this would be to plant a magic seed in the heart of your child’s bedroom. You could encourage them to nurture it, and they would watch it grow into a tree over the course of just a few (magical) months. Just imagine; they could climb up into the branches and play. Or explore with their friends, make a den and read stories. They could run their fingers over the bark, inhale the scent of the leaves and the blossom, and they would be enthralled by its beauty.

Now, your toddler would really love that, right?

Unfortunately, magic seeds that grow into trees inside our homes haven’t been discovered just yet. But you could plant a tree in the form of ForCurly’s Abril TREEE or Amir TREEE! These innovative pieces of FUN- iture, created in conjunction with design studio Studiolav, are the perfect substitute.

ForCurly’s TREEEs for Imaginative and Developmental Play

These magical TREEEs are beautiful, multi-functional, modular, sustainably sourced products for children that are more than furniture and more than toys. The TREEE evokes imagination, stimulates children, and provides smart storage for practicality. They consist of a clever modular design of shelves, felt pouches, chalkboards, pegboards, and magnets.

Technology is incorporated in a simple, unobtrusive way with a Bluetooth speaker and night light. A secret compartment gives children a sense of ownership. It also provides confidence as they decide what they treasure enough to hide from the outside world.

Respect for Our Planet

The TREEE is made from solid hardwood and the finest natural materials, and is designed to last. That means that even though you may not be able to plant that magic seed that grows into a tree for your child, you can enchant them with a TREEE from ForCurly. A TREEE that they can enjoy, explore and cherish for years to come.

With The TREEE you demonstrate that you care about our world enough to make decisions that cause the minimal amount of harm to our environment. At ForCurly, we take the future of our planet very seriously. All materials and packaging are sustainably sourced, and the manufacturing process is designed to minimize environmental impact.

ForCurly is a brand that dreams of a quality play space that fosters safe, happy and creative play. We also care about our children’s future. With ForCurly’s TREEEs, you get a beautiful object that embodies your environmental and ecological values and ethos. It’s not a magic tree, but we’re pretty sure your toddler will love it!