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Become a Stockist of The TREEE

We are always interested in talking to like-minded distributors around the world for The TREEEs, both with multi-functional uses, a pleasing design and a sustainable concept behind it.  The TREEE is formative fun-niture. It grows with your child through functional, constructive and imaginative stages of play from new born to early teens.

Join us in planting a TREEE at the heart of children’s rooms.

ForCurly, its logo and The TREEE are patent pending trademarks. ForCurly is and will continue building its brand recognition and position, both on-line and off-line.

Our products are designed and produced always bearing the safety of children in mind and using eco-friendly materials.

Our products are flat-packed in protective and nicely designed packaging of (re)usable materials with ForCurly’s branding.

Our products ship either directly from our German manufacturer or from our Dutch logistics center.

Interested in becoming a stockist of The TREEE or working with us?

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The TREEE in Schools & Nurseries

We think that The TREEEs will be a centrepiece in a nursery, class room or, say, hallway of a school.

It’s beautiful, practical and magical. It’s a gateway to new worlds, a place for storytelling and a natural anchor in a changing world.

The Treee is fun furniture …it’s a piece of “fun-iture”. It’s a games station and a creative hub. It’s storage and a starting point for adventure and a stage for their imagination.

The Treee is formative furniture. It appeals to children who are in different functional, constructive and imaginative stages of play. A modular design of shelves, felt pockets, chalk boards, pegboards and magnets.

The TREEE is built to last from sustainably sourced hardwood, which means it is an antidote to disposable toys and throw- away furniture. Of course, The TREEE is made with the finest natural and child safe materials.

 Plant a TREEE in your nursey or classroom.

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