Inspired by classic building blocks every child enjoys assembling with their parents. Simple geometric shapes are arranged in layers to form an abstract silhouette of a tree. The lower trunk compartments are easily removable and can be used as stools and occasional tables.

Shelf / Corkboard

A tactile cork pin board that allows children to explore different textures. Also used to pin/display photo, drawing and messages. This panel also includes 3 “screw” shaped coat hooks. Sheltered behind the pin board there is a small shelf to host their favourite books.

Net storage

Exposed and accessible, net/soft storage for toys and accessories in the shape of a hexagon.

Box / Speakerbox

In the standard version this is a hexagon storage box with magnetic lid, used as a hideaway place for their most treasured possessions.

Tree trunk

Each trunk compartment is a character on its own: an imaginary creature, a tree hollow and tree branches. They can be used for storage but are also easily removed to be used as stools and occasional tables.


The chalk board provides plenty of space for any child to express its creativity and imagination.

Felt mat

Made out of natural felt, this mat is an additional accessory that creates a soft padded space for play and creativity under the TREEE. Includes leaf shaped cut-outs that also work as a simple puzzle game.

Dimensions / size:

Height: 180 cm / 70.87 inches
Width: 116.6 cm / 45.91 inches
Maximum Depth: 28.5 cm / 11.22 inches
Total weight: 37 kg / 81.57 lbs.
Packaging: flat packed, recycled cardboard


FSC® Certified European solid Birch Wood
– Waxed finish
Hexagonal elements and shelves
– Cork
Water-based paint

What will be delivered:

1 x AmirTREEE as displayed including brackets, screws and installation instructions
1 x Shelf
Product data sheet

Easy to assemble