Inspired from wooden puzzle games. A series of flat layers can be arranged and slot together to create a rich 3D structure. The profiles of the top structure represent the different seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter encouraging creative interaction.


A magnetic panel with a set of magnets in the shapes of leaf and animal that inhabit the tree. Used to hold photos, drawings and more.

Night light and speaker

Technology panel, including dimmable light to be used as night light and integrated bluetooth speaker.

Height measure

A playful height measure, were kids can measure their development against the TREEE and mark their name of the trunk with chalk.


A set of chalkboards that can be used on the tree to draw, write messages but also taken down to play games e.g knots and crosses.

Pegboard / accessories

A flexible pegboard system were different accessories can be fitted, including felt pouches for storage, small wooden shelf, elastic bands and pegs for hanging toys (eg. Baby mobiles) and accessories.

Felt mat

Made out of natural felt, this mat is an additional accessory that creates a soft padded space for play and creativity under the TREEE. Includes leaf shaped cut-outs that also work as a simple puzzle game.

Krijitbord & Spelletjes bord

Het krijtbord en het spelletjes bord kunnen worden verwijderd van The TREEE zodat uw kind ermee kan spelen.

Dimensions / size:

Height: 180 cm / 70.87 inches
Widht: 108 cm / 42.52 inches
Maximum: 44.2 cm / 17.40 inches
Total weight: 46 kg / 101.5 lbs.
Packaging: flat packed, recycled cardboard


FSCĀ® Certified European Solid Oak
– brushed and oiled
Chalkboard + Games Board and wall brackets
Wooden pins / Pegs, hooks shelves
– Sanded and oiled solid oak
Water-based paint

What will be delivered:

1 x Abril TREEE as displayed including brackets, screws and installation instructions
10 x pegs / pin for peg / pin board
1 x small felt pouch 1 x large felt pouch
6 x wooden magnets: owl, bird, squirrel, leaf, nut + seed
Product data sheet

Easy to assemble