The three "E"’s in 'TREEE' stand for Enchantment, Engagement and Enlightenment.

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  • Enchanting...

    Because The TREEE is designed to captivate your child and encourage imaginative play, while providing smart storage solutions. A place to share their favourite stories, a stage for creative play, and a natural anchor in a changing world. And because The TREEE is made with the finest natural materials and incorporate discreet technologies, they will enhance your home, becoming even more beautiful as they are used and loved.

  • Engaging...

    Because the functions and features of The Abril and Amir TREEE are informed and inspired by Piaget and Smilansky, to appeal to your child and support them through each stage of their development. Just like a real tree which develops from a seed, The TREEE grows with your child. The TREEE nurtures and nourishes your child’s unique personality and provide an environment in which they can learn, develop, and flourish.

  • Enlightening...

    Because by choosing The TREEE you show a commitment to respect and protect our planet. The TREEE is build to last from sustainably sourced hardwood, which means it is an antidote to disposable toys and throw- away furniture. Our materials and packaging are sustainably sourced and our manufacturing processes minimise our environmental impact.

Behind the Brand

When Oncke, Co-founder, was on the lookout for a nice and long-lasting present for his then 1-year old daughter to decorate her room, he became frustrated with the single-purpose baby / child items available on the market, items without a nice design, designed for short use and life span, and mainly made of unsustainable materials, stimulating over-consumption, with the non-environmental friendly plastic packaging having an additional negative impact on the environment.
With Ales, Co-founder, the idea came alive to design and develop the functions of various kid's items and toys into one long lasting, high quality item with a pleasing design and manufactured with love and respect for nature.

It was further important to us that this FUN-ITURE accompanied the creative development of children inspired by the 4 stages of play by Piaget and Smilansky / development of a child.

Together we developed the idea into reality. ForCurly was born.

Our Products

ForCurly’s first products, the Abril TREEE and Amir TREEE, designed in collaboration with the talented team of Studiolav in London, have both multi-functional uses, a pleasing design and a sustainable concept behind it. The design of a tree was chosen as a tree resembles nature, provides shelter and nourishment for many animals and is a symbol for wisdom, longevity...
...and connectivity with all living matters, a symbol for family, the family tree. The TREEE is formative fun-niture. It grows with your child through functional, constructive and imaginative stages of play from new born to early teens.

Our Name

“Curly“ is a symbolic name for a child. The brand name ForCurly therefore articulates the intention / notion of a gift.

Our Mission

To develop and deliver high quality, innovative products manufactured with respect and love for nature and which contribute to the social and creative development of our children and future generations.


By combining, creating and developing engaging learning tools and toys that enhance the creative development of children and sustainability overall, through the design and manufacture of products that connect with the 4 stages of play throughout children’s creative development.

Stages of Play

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  • 1 Functional Play

    "During the early stages, infants are only aware of what is immediately in front of them. They focus on what they see, what they are doing, and physical interactions with their immediate environment. Because they don't yet know how things react, they're constantly experimenting with activities such as shaking or throwing things, putting things in their mouths, and learning about the world through trial and error. The later stages include goal-oriented behavior which brings about a desired result. Between ages 7 and 9 months, infants begin to realize that an object exists even if it can no longer be seen. This important milestone -- known as object permanence -- is a sign that memory is developing. After infants start crawling, standing, and walking, their increased physical mobility leads to increased cognitive development. Near the end of the sensorimotor stage (18-24 months), infants reach another important milestone -- early language development, a sign that they are developing some symbolic abilities."

  • 2 Constructive Play

    "During this stage (toddler through age 7), young children are able to think about things symbolically. Their language use becomes more mature. They also develop memory and imagination, which allows them to understand the difference between past and future, and engage in make-believe. But their thinking is based on intuition and still not completely logical. They cannot yet grasp more complex concepts such as cause and effect, time, and comparison."

  • 3 Symbolic Play

    "At this time, elementary-age and preadolescent children -- ages 7 to 11 -- demonstrate logical, concrete reasoning. Children's thinking becomes less egocentric and they are increasingly aware of external events. They begin to realize that one's own thoughts and feelings are unique and may not be shared by others or may not even be part of reality."

  • 4 Games with Rules

    Adolescents who reach this fourth stage of intellectual development -- usually at age 11-plus -- are able to logically use symbols related to abstract concepts, such as algebra and science. They can think about multiple variables in systematic ways, formulate hypotheses, and consider possibilities. They also can ponder abstract relationships and concepts such as justice.


The TREEE is part of a sustainable future. We’ve started a business that rejects the idea of disposable consumption. We strive to have all our materials and packaging sustainably sourced, our manufacturing processes minimising environmental impact, off-set our carbon footprint by planting trees, and work with partners that support sustainability in materials, energy use and social responsibility.
But more than this, The TREEE is (partially) made from solid hardwood and designed to last. It builds a history, becoming more cherished as it ages. A modern antique that will be loved by this and future generations.