Plant a Seed at The Heart of Your Child’s Room

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The Three E’s in 'TREEE' stand for Enchantment, Engagement and Enlightenment.

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  • Enchanting...

    Because The TREEE is designed to captivate your child and encourage imaginative play, while providing smart storage solutions. A place to share their favourite stories, a stage for creative play, and a natural anchor in a changing world. And because The TREEE is made with the finest natural materials and incorporate discreet technologies, they will enhance your home, becoming even more beautiful as they are used and loved.

  • Engaging...

    Because the functions and features of The Abril and Amir TREEE are informed and inspired by Piaget and Smilansky, to appeal to your child and support them through each stage of their development. Just like a real tree which develops from a seed, The TREEE grows with your child. The TREEE nurtures and nourishes your child’s unique personality and provide an environment in which they can learn, develop, and flourish.

  • Enlightening...

    Because by choosing The TREEE you show a commitment to respect and protect our planet. The TREEE is built to last from sustainably sourced hardwood, which means it is an antidote to disposable toys and throw- away furniture. Our materials and packaging are sustainably sourced and our manufacturing processes minimise our environmental impact.


Inspired by classic building blocks every child enjoys assembling with their parents. Simple geometric shapes are arranged in layers to form an abstract silhouette of a tree. The lower trunk compartments can be used be used as stools and occasional tables.


Inspired from wooden puzzle games. A series of flat layers can be arranged and slot together to create a rich 3D structure. The profiles of the top structure represent the different seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter encouraging creative interaction.

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